Finally starting the business you’ve been dreaming of? I’ve been there. Not sure how to best share your message, develop a relationship with your target market, and secure conversions?

I’ve been there, too.

About a year ago, I was faced with the all too common solopreneur dilemma:

Advertising or Content Marketing?

If you just scratched your head and mumbled, “But I thought these were the same things?’’

You’re wrong – dead wrong. Keep reading.

I would constantly hear from colleagues, friends, and everyone in between about how few leads and how little sales they were making from traditional advertising methods. And the cost of print advertising? Forget it – that’s enough to make you want to close shop and head back to the traditional 9-5 where the work falls easily on your lap.

This is exactly why my freelancing gig quickly transformed itself into a full-fledged content marketing business. I had no choice but to self-promote and market my own business to death, so I became determined to do the same for the companies whose stories I was helping to tell through content.

And you know where the real magic happened? Where sales started growing and the businesses I was helping to promote became the go-to experts in their industry?

Email Marketing.

It was clear that email marketing was doing for small businesses what no amount of print advertising could do. That each growing open rate of a client’s email list was slowly transforming their business into the money-generator they set out for it to be.

And all it took were some cleverly crafted emails, sent out at peak times on a weekly basis.

Wondering where the power behind email marketing comes from? I’ll tell you.

1.     Email Marketing Allows You to Transform Yourself into a Subject Matter Expert

When you send an email to your list, you’re not just asking them to hire you, buy your product, or believe in your idea. No way, that’s not enough.

If you’re doing it right, you’re utilizing these emails to share what you know about your industry, your products, or whatever it is you’re trying to sell. You’re able to share the information behind how and why you are the best at what you do, and why no one else could even compare. You’re able to give your clients the much-needed tips, strategies, and ideas they never knew they really needed, if you catch my drift.

In fact, your emails could sell whatever it is your business provides without you even mentioning your products, so long as you connect deeply enough with your audience. This is precisely where they begin to associate you with being the ONLY subject matter expert in your industry. The SME’s get the trust, and with the trust, comes the money.

2.     Email Marketing is Action Oriented

What happens when you see an advertisement for something that interests you in a magazine or newspaper? You file the idea in the back of your head, pretend you’ll remember to look up the product or service later on, and likely forget all about it, right?

But when you open an email that has secured your attention, captured your interest, and made you hot for whatever it is that you’ve read about it – you click. There’s no waiting until later and hoping you’ll remember to make your purchase at some point when you’re less busy. In today’s fast-paced world where instant gratification is king, you’re more likely to action when something is presented to you on a silver platter, than not.

That email is the silver platter, and your audience craves just as much instant gratification as you do.

3.     You Don’t Need a Marketing Budget for Email Marketing

I had a zero-dollar budget when I started my business. In fact, if I’m being honest, I was at less than zero. To my surprise, however, there were a slew of email marketing platforms that were totally free, and required no capital to get started. This was clearly the method I chose until I grew my list big enough that I had to upgrade, and even now I am spending such a minimal amount of money.

Email marketing allows business owners to reach a giant number of prospective consumers at a rate of nearly nothing per message. For solopreneurs and small-business owners on a budget, there is no better choice.

Look, if you’re still skeptical about email marketing, because the girl who built her business on email marketing is trying to sell you its benefits – that’s okay. Don’t take it from me, but remember that facts are facts, and you can’t argue with those. The one fact, about all else, to remember if you’re still on the fence about email marketing?

In a joint study from and Forrester Research found that 85% of US retailers consider email marketing one of the most effective customer acquisition tactics.

How’s that for a pretty convincing piece of information?

Told you so.

If you’re running a real business, email is still the most effective way to universally reach people who have expressed interest in your product or site. For that, it really can’t be beat.”

– Colin Nederkoorn (founder Customer.IO)

Ready to work together? Drop me a line and let’s start making you some real money.

Michelle Dempsey

Michelle Dempsey

Internationally Published, Universally Awesome A Native-New Yorker with a heart as big as her personality, Michelle has recently made South Florida her home. Michelle studied Journalism at American University, Communications at Hofstra University and worked in the Public Relations industry in New York City before taking a leap into teaching, upon which she received a double Masters degree from Adelphi University. Michelle founded her business, Michelle Dempsey: Very Well-Written after continued interest in her copywriting and blogging services. She now offers a full scope of web content and blog development options to businesses of all kinds. Michelle has been published by Forbes and is a contributing writer for Elite Daily, Scary Mommy, Creative Child Magazine, BabyMaternity Magazine and mindbodygreen, as well as multiple publications around the globe. She describes herself as many things – a mommy to her one-year-old daughter, Bella and 8-year-old Dog-baby, Blue, a daughter, a sister, and a best friend. She needs coffee, wine and cardio to function (not usually at the same time), and loves the beach, binge-watching Netflix shows, going into Target for one thing and leaving with 15, Mexican food, sushi and sleep.

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