As a solopreneur, you’re bombarded with the ins and outs of building your business on a daily basis. Branding it and helping it grow almost always come second to keeping your clients happy – a common problem all of us who are in business for ourselves face at some point in time.

I have not only struggled with this for years, I have watched some of my closest friends, clients, and colleagues struggle with the same issues. Sure, shunning the “man” to be your own boss and work on your own terms sounds glamorous and all – until you realize that every single bit of your success depends on you and you alone.

No pressure. 

The grass will grow where you water it and I want to make sure your grass isn’t dying on you. Giving your business the same time and attention you give to your clients is ultimately one of the most important things you’ll do as a budding solopreneur. You’ll feel accomplished and motivated, and these are the types of feelings you’ll need to have if you’re looking to avoid total burnout.

The bottom line is, doing it all, all of the time, is hard – like mind-blowingly hard. In my latest YouTube video, I’m breaking down how the top 3 ways I find time to work on my business while working in it.

Michelle Dempsey

Michelle Dempsey

Internationally Published, Universally Awesome A Native-New Yorker with a heart as big as her personality, Michelle has recently made South Florida her home. Michelle studied Journalism at American University, Communications at Hofstra University and worked in the Public Relations industry in New York City before taking a leap into teaching, upon which she received a double Masters degree from Adelphi University. Michelle founded her business, Michelle Dempsey: Very Well-Written after continued interest in her copywriting and blogging services. She now offers a full scope of web content and blog development options to businesses of all kinds. Michelle has been published by Forbes and is a contributing writer for Elite Daily, Scary Mommy, Creative Child Magazine, BabyMaternity Magazine and mindbodygreen, as well as multiple publications around the globe. She describes herself as many things – a mommy to her one-year-old daughter, Bella and 8-year-old Dog-baby, Blue, a daughter, a sister, and a best friend. She needs coffee, wine and cardio to function (not usually at the same time), and loves the beach, binge-watching Netflix shows, going into Target for one thing and leaving with 15, Mexican food, sushi and sleep.

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