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Blogging is your business's
voice to your audience

Michelle Dempsey – Founder Of Very Well-Written Marketing


Blogging has evolved more than most of us could have kept up with over the last few years. What was once a way for an individual to electronically journal one’s thoughts, ideas, and experiences on a little handmade website, has now become one of the most effective ways for a business to connect with it’s target audience.

Here's why your business should be blogging

Connect With Your Audience

What makes a potential customer choose you over your competitor? Connection. A connection means trust, and trust for you, means business. A business blog is the most effective way to share your knowledge, educate your target market, and solidify your reputation as a subject matter expert. The experts get the business, guaranteed.


Website Traffic.
The Good Kind Of Traffic.

When you regularly blog, share it with your audience through social media and email marketing, and get clicks back to your business website, you’re pretty much telling Google how much your business loves them — and then they return the favor. Think about the two restaurants in that plaza near your house. One is always packed and buzzing with excitement, and the other is typically empty and looking pretty dull. Which one do you think will be recommended more? Exactly — hype is a hot ticket. Traffic is a beautiful thing when it comes to business, and the blog will bring you more than you ever expected.

Improved SEO Rankings
Be Ahead Of Your Competition

Bringing more traffic to your site is like stepping on the fast track to the first page of Google results for your industry. It’s basically science. Update your business’ website with fresh content and industry-specific keywords and promote those blogs on a regular basis, and it’s like your lighting a little fire under Google’s search engine butt. This fire is the reminder that Google needs to promote your business before any other one, simply because you’re using your website the right way — consistently. The websites that sit stale and sparsely updated find their way to pages two, three and beyond rather quickly. But yours? Yours will be climbing to the top of page one of Google, all thanks to your little blog — the one you weren’t even sure you needed.

My business is connecting with it’s target audience thanks to a Very Well-Written blog.

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